Thursday, February 27, 2014

Marijuana Policy Project: live in South Dakota? You're screwed

Hey guess what the ninth most important cash crop in South Dakota is.
Seventeen states have removed the threat of jail time for the possession of modest amounts of marijuana. Many of these states, including Minnesota, made these changes as far back as the 1970’s. In fact, just yesterday, Richard Bonnie – former director of the National Commission on Marijuana and Drug Abuse and policy advisor to the Nixon, Ford, and Carter administrations – submitted testimony in support of a similar proposal in Maryland. [Robert Capecchi, MPP blog]

420 Alert! Beware if traveling eastbound I-90 in South Dakota!

Aggressive polizei interdiction deploying weaponized dogs. If traverse of this police state is unavoidable, ensure that the driver of your vehicle is Caucasian and rent cars without California, Oregon, Washington, or British Columbia license plates. Inspect your vehicle for faulty equipment, obey all traffic laws, and remove the batteries from your cell phones.

Join interested party in going to Craigslist or your favorite online forum, then copy and paste the above warning. Thank you.

In her push to legalize medical marijuana in Minnesota, Rep. Carly Melin expected there would be tough negotiations and, inevitably, some compromise on the fine points of the proposal. “The public has long questioned law enforcement’s motivation behind its staunch opposition to medicinal marijuana, and suspected that a threat to the law enforcement’s revenue stream through forfeiture laws creates an inherit conflict. The fact that the VCCC opposed both medical marijuana and a restructuring of forfeiture laws at the same meeting raises a red flag that needs further exploration.” [Mike Mosedale, Melin challenges cops on pot opposition]

The sativa-dominant Blue Dream sparks energy and wild ideas — like baking a pie from scratch, for the first time. Strain Theory: Blue Dream: By the numbers: $8/gram, $150/ounce (medical patients) at Good Chemistry, 330 E. Colfax in Denver.
A cannabis windfall being labeled a “tax bonanza” for Colorado has more states investigating legalization, potentially leading to large-scale market growth for support-industry companies including Neutra Corp. By providing new technologies designed to ensure safer, more reliable access to cannabis in approved markets, Neutra Corp. plans to enjoy unprecedented growth in 2014 alongside Cannabis Science, Inc. [press release, Business Wire]
Disclosure: I'm long CBIS.

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