Saturday, February 8, 2014

Tester: thanks, Max

Montana Governor Steve Bullock surprised nobody yesterday by appointing Lieutenant Governor John Walsh to complete the US Senate term won by now US Ambassador to China, Max Baucus. Walsh had previously entered the race to be our nominee then contest earth hater and first-term At-large Representative Steve Daines in November.

Baucus sent the following letter to supporters:
Serving Montana has been the honor of a lifetime. I want to thank all Montanans for the privilege of representing our state for the last four decades.
Last week, I embarked on a whistle stop tour of the state. It meant so much to personally say thank you to folks across the state.
In case you missed it, let me tell you a bit about our journey:
Our first stop was in Billings to highlight how infrastructure like Shiloh Road is helping bring more jobs to the state. Next, it was off to the Crow Agency to celebrate some of the work we've done together over the years to improve water infrastructure and build a brighter future throughout Indian Country.
It was then off to Two Dot for one last shot in a long standing tradition. What is the Baucus Two Dot Tradition?
The final stop for the day was in Butte where we announced the 7th Montana Economic Development Summit.
The second day started by honoring our veterans and service men and women in Great Falls
Next, it was off to Missoula where I first got my start to celebrate the ways we've all worked together to protect Montana's outdoor heritage.
Bringing justice to Libby and all of the residents poisoned at the W.R. Grace mine has been one of my top priorities over the years. The Whistle Stop Tour would not be complete without visiting my friends in Libby. They surprised me with a very touching dedication of a wing of the CARD clinic. While my next adventure will take me far from home, Libby will always be in my heart.
Then, it was back in my home town of Helena to reflect on the privilege of service Montana.
It has truly been a privilege to serve the people of Montana, and luckily, I have had the best staff to help me along the way. They even put together a wonderful video recapping my time serving Montana. Take a look.
Thanks again and tap 'er light.
Montana's now-senior Senator Jon Tester sent interested party this email message:
Dear Larry,
The Senate yesterday said goodbye to a true public servant, my good friend Max Baucus.
Max has spent his entire career serving the state of Montana.
Just out of law school, Max oversaw the adoption of our state's constitution guaranteeing Montanans the right to enjoy clean air and water and an open, transparent government.
And he spent the last 40 years serving our state in Congress.
As a Senator, Max fought to protect our public lands. He blocked efforts to gut Social Security and Medicare. He expanded health care access to millions who were previously denied coverage.
Max learned from his mentor, Senator Mike Mansfield, that working together is the only way to move this country forward. That's how he earned the respect of Senators from both sides of the aisle and how he was able to accomplish so much for Montana.
Since I joined the Senate, Max has been a mentor and a friend. And I told him so yesterday before his confirmation.
I will do my best to live up to the legacy of Max Baucus and Mike Mansfield and work every day to make sure Montana stays the Last Best Place.
I wish Max well in his new role as America's ambassador to China. I know he will always put Montana first.
Be well,
Bullock is expected to announce his choice to replace Walsh very soon: that's the surprise awaiting Montana Democrats.

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