Today in red state failure: Montana sez okay to shoot wolves from aircraft

Yes, Republican welfare ranchers are apoplectic about shooting destructive invasive cattle from helicopters on the Gila National Forest but they’re more than excited to slaughter wolves from aircraft.
While animals such as elk or mountain lions are legally classified as “big game,” and bobcats and beavers are classified as “furbearers,” wolves are classified as a “species in need of management” by the state of Montana. [FWP: Aerial hunting of wolves legal in Montana]
Not wolves, cougars or even coyotes — in 2019 golden eagles levied a 53% mortality rate on domestic sheep on one ranch in Wyoming. Yet, failed red states like Wyoming, Montana and Idaho are targeting wolves and grizzlies for extermination. 

Kill off apex predators like wolves and cougars, spray atrazine, neonicotinoids and glyphosate on everything then wonder why cervids like deer and wapiti contract a prion contagion like chronic wasting disease. 

Combine the absence of cultural fire, the extirpation of apex predators, the resulting rise of mesopredators, increasing numbers of domestic livestock, dogs and cats then stir in a melange of industrial chemicals with climate change and voila: red state collapse on parade

ip photo: a young coyote drinks from a photographer's water trap.

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