Republican physicians call out quack Deutsch

Look at the guy: he's icky catholic creepy evil in the flesh. Dependent on wedge issues for campaign donations and selling himself as the son of a Holocaust survivor Fred Deutsch is a small town chiropractor with a religion-driven vitriolic hatred of the 21st Century medical industry. His HB 1057 that would criminalize treating minors with some medications is ridiculous posturing by Republican Deutsch who's six feet under himself.

Native American legislator Troy Heinert is a Holocaust survivor. Lakota former legislator Kevin Killer is a Holocaust survivor. Sisseton Wahpeton Republican legislator Tamara St. John is a Holocaust survivor.

The South Dakota State Medical Association is comprised of Republican physicians.
The SDSMA is opposed to bureaucratic and legislative interference in medicine by government or other third parties that causes a physician to compromise his or her medical judgment with regard to what information or treatment is in the best interest of their patients. HB 1057 is an intrusion in the patient-physician relationship and prevents physicians from freely discussing medical treatment and information with patients and their parents. Receiving care is linked to reductions in the rate of suicide attempts, decreased rates of depression and anxiety, and decreased substance use in transgender people. Please contact your representatives today and urge them to vote NO on HB 1057. [Urge Your Representatives to Oppose Government Infringement into the Patient-Physician Relationship]
About 1 in a 1000 babies is born with ambiguous genitalia or intersex characteristics and with parents' blessings pediatric surgeons routinely assign a single gender to newborns. But South Dakota Republicans don't want schools to even talk about the causes of gender dysphoria. Why? Because their campaign dollars come from white christianists like the Family Heritage Alliance. Tampons, menstrual pads and even some sunscreens contain gender bending endocrine disruptors.

People go outside South Dakota for medical care all the time just like Jean Rounds has done. After a former Republican South Dakota governor signed a bill into law that discriminates against some couples seeking to adopt the evidence is clear that a California-led boycott is having effects now women and children just go out of state for medical care.

It’s all related: a medical industry oligopoly, gender dysphoria, polluted waterways, subsidized agriculture, absence of medical insurance, cancer and a Republican legislature on the dole.

Anyone who believes Fred's never groped a teenager is delusional. But, applaud the nutball Republican efforts diverting attention from the party’s culture of corruption where murders and their covers up are commonplace by clogging the legislative session with christianic religionist argle-bargle.

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