NM Democrats embrace legal cannabis; SD Dem hoping to kill it

Legal cannabis is headed to the Roundhouse.

Democrats control the New Mexico legislature and newly-elected Senate Majority Leader Peter Wirth (D-Santa Fe 25) said on Santa Fe Public Radio that legal cannabis is likely to pass this session. Therapeutic cannabis is also expected to expand. Santa Fe's law enforcement industry is already being desensitized against people mellowing.

Meanwhile, New Approach South Dakota is expected to get a 4900-word cannabis initiative on the 2018 ballot. According to veteran South Dakota cannabis activist, Bob Newland, cannabis opponent and sanctimonious prig Democrat Cory Heidelberger is a "limp-wristed semi-defender of liberty." Heidelberger is a dry drunk struggling to raise an only child suffering with delusions of Princesshood.

Fact is: in South Dakota Republicans go to Pierre for the lobbyist-provided hookers while Democrats go to Pierre because they are the hookers.

Ethics-free climate denier South Dakota Governor Denny Daugaard is preparing another year of executive fiat and is begging a black US President for just one more disaster handout as goose-stepping Republicans follow Donald Trump toward Inauguration Day. The extremist legislature largely handpicked by Daugaard is expected to repeal an attempt by voters to stem corruption in the red state.

At this hour anti-civil rights crusader Jeff Sessions is mansplainin' his way through the first minutes of his confirmation as the Attorney General of the United States. He hates cannabis at least as much as he hates people of color.

Prediction: NM Dems will support the death penalty for the killers of Victoria Martens if Gov. Martinez signs a casual cannabis bill.


duffer said...

come out smokin this morning . . . . . . woo hoo

larry kurtz said...

Living in Pierre is just another day in the ditch. Assholes.

Anonymous said...

Jeff Sessions Senator from Alabama and future AG of the Fatherland. South Dakota the Alabama of the North. Those poor trapped souls!

larry kurtz said...

Update, 12 January, 0600: "Sen. Gerald Ortiz y Pino, D-Albuquerque, plans to sponsor a resolution calling for an amendment to New Mexico’s Constitution that would legalize, tax and regulate marijuana for recreational use by adults. If approved by lawmakers, the proposed amendment would require approval of voters in the November 2018 general election at the earliest. It would not be subject to a veto by Republican Gov. Susana Martinez.

A second bill, sponsored by Rep. Bill McCamley, D-Mesilla Park, would legalize marijuana this year and set a 15 percent tax on sales. Rep. Javier Martinez, D-Albuquerque, will co-sponsor the measure, called the Cannabis Revenue and Freedom Act. It would take effect July 1 if approved by the Legislature and signed by Gov. Martinez." [Albuquerque Journal]

Anonymous said...

Engage! Make it so!

larry kurtz said...

It's probably safe to say that if atheist Cory Heidelberger is a candidate for anything in South Dakota the only prayer he has is the one his wife is saying in hopes of getting him out of the house.