Rosebud Lakota retaliate against racist State of South Dakota

As Governor Denny Daugaard sues to prevent Pe'Sla from becoming federal trust land the Sicangu Oyate has filed an opposition to transfer of land in Spearditch Canyon to the racist State of South Dakota.
The Rosebud Sioux Tribe has gone on record in RST Resolution no. 2016-230 stating, “the Rosebud Sioux Tribal Council hereby opposes the State of South Dakota Governor and Congressional Delegation efforts and any and all legislation for the federal-state land exchange because those lands are part of the 1851 and 1868 Ft. Laramie Treaty, and belong to the Oceti Sakowin Dakota, Lakota and Nakota tribes and are in violation of the 1851 and 1868 Ft. Laramie Treaties. [Indian Country Today]
Herded by Senator don Juan Thune (earth hater-SD) the failed red state's extremist delegation is driving the land grab through Congress.
Perhaps Thune should spend less time tanning and more time advocating for people he was elected to represent. [Ruth Hopkins]
South Dakota isn't about growth; it's about keeping Social Security recipients alive long enough to pay the property taxes that sustain red state failure.

But, earth hater and climate change denier Daugaard had the temerity to travel to the Sicangu Oyate to tell tribal leaders they have better shit to do than restore Pe 'Sla to federal trust status taking it off the tax rolls.
The governor began his presentation by noting how little he knew about tribal politics, history and land issues when he first came into office in 2011, but explained that he had learned about these topics over the past five years from South Dakota Tribal Relations Secretaries. [Daugaard] didn’t mention either of the reasons for appeal noted in the September 2015 document from the S.D. Attorney General’s office while discussing the land transfer before the Rosebud Sioux Tribal Council. [Jim Kent]
Meanwhile, climate change denier Republican Governor Denny Daugaard is presiding over an exodus of educators fleeing the failed red state as his cronies plot to prevent medical insurance for South Dakota's least fortunate even as his office touts a budget surplus. He is virtually hand-picking a compliant extremist legislature.

Ya know: this blog does not support the state land grab in Spearditch Canyon but a smart South Dakotan would counsel the state's climate change denier governor to ask the US Fish and Wildlife Service to divest from the Booth Hatchery and make it part of the proposed state park.

Barrick returned some Wyoming holdings to the tribes; and, after it takes responsibility for its complicity in the destruction of the Missouri River Basin it should divest of its remaining holdings in the sacred Black Hills remanding them to the owners by treaty.

It's only a matter of time before the US Department of Interior, the Federal Emergency Management Agency and the US Environmental Protection Agency come to South Dakota and tell Gov. Daugaard he has better shit to do than tell sovereign tribes how to run their worlds.

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