CBO: John Thune bad for South Dakota, worse for US

The non-partisan Congressional Budget Office is calling bullshit on John Thune's repeated attempts to shut down America.
One of the important lessons Americans should have learned over the past six-and-a-half years is that when the voters elected an African American man as President, Republicans wholly embraced governing by crises. Specifically, the CBO determined that maintaining sequester-level cuts would lead to 500,000 fewer jobs and 0.4% less growth in 2016, and 300,000 fewer jobs and 0.2% less growth in 2017. Many Americans have been led to believe the emerging crisis is solely about Planned Parenthood funding, and that may be somewhat true. However, at the rate Republicans love killing Americans’ jobs and retarding economic growth that the CBO warned is the result of not addressing sequester cuts, pundits should consider the real impetus for the looming crisis is the GOP’s rejection of eliminating their precious sequester.
Read more about Republican failures here.

John Thune is a voice for twenty SDGOP donors who want the estate tax repealed.

A bill intended to end local control, pre-empt stronger state laws that prohibit the rental of unrepaired vehicles and delay railroad safety improvements is raising hackles at the National Transportation Safety Board.
A transportation bill introduced by a Senate committee chairman would allow car rental companies to rent recalled vehicles that haven't been repaired and eliminate any hard deadline for railroads to start using long-sought technology that automatically stops trains to prevent crashes, safety advocates say. The bill, introduced Thursday by Sen. John Thune, R-S.D., the chairman of the Commerce, Science and Transportation Committee, says companies must tell consumers about the recall notices in writing if they don't intend to fix the cars first. "It's an attempt to fool the American people so that government officials and railroad officials can say something is being done when the reality is it isn't," former NTSB Chairman Jim Hall said. [Associated Press]
John Thune is all about giving the nanny state control over industry.

Just when you thought you knew what John stands for South Dakota's senior US Senator wants to take control from railroads and give it the federal Surface Transportation Board.
The bill would, in part, authorize the board to investigate and resolve matters like service disputes, allowing regulators to tackle rail disruptions before they lead to major issues. Thune's bill still needs a companion in the U.S. House.
Read it here.

Thune's bid to wrest control of prescribed fires from land managers has gone nowhere but lives to showboat and grandstand at taxpayer expense while pretending to be a conservative.

A primary contender from Thune's right has yet to emerge although conventional wisdom says it's just a matter of crime time.

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