South Dakota bomber crews notch share of 2010 Afghan civilian deaths

Bomber crews based at Ellsworth Air Force Base have likely killed Afghan civilians again this year.

Democracy Now! reports the deaths and injuries of 742 civilians in Afghanistan perpetrated by US-led forces in 2010 including 162 innocents killed and 120 wounded in air strikes.

In June, South Dakota's junior senator, Republican John Thune, announced success in prostituting stolen Lakota ground by bringing the current heavens-based smart-executor of civilian death, the Predator drone, to Ellsworth cementing the continued commitment of South Dakotans to rain white phosphorus and dismemberment on children, women, and men of color for decades to come.

Seems laudatory in a Republican campaign wheelhouse, innit?

Senator, you're no John McCain.


Thad Wasson said...

Obama is our Commander-in-Chief. He gives the orders to apply deadly force. He increased our troop level in Afghanistan to over 100,000. He supports nation building and the innocent death that results from it.

freegan said...

well said!!!

larry kurtz said...

With luck, the troops grumble.