South Dakota collapses

Not surprisingly, South Dakota voters chose entropy over success as Bimbo At-large-elect, Kristi Noem, bested incumbent moderate Democrat, Stephanie Herseth Sandlin. None of the above won nearly six per cent of the vote in a state that refuses to win for losing.

Democrats not willing to succumb to a life of recitations from Bill Janklow's Little Red Book, currently being circulated by SDGOP apparatchiks, are advised to evacuate as soon as possible. Civil rights activists have been withdrawn in the wake of a cascade burying education in a shitstorm of effluent vacated by Republicans waving the flag of former slave owners.

Whimpers were heard from under the pile of rubble that used to house SDEA.

On a hopeful note, an earthquake swarm stirred the Yellowstone Caldera.

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