Montana is evolving


One of the leaders in the movement to bring medical cannabis before Montana voters believes the law could be easily tweaked to assuage concerns.


From the Billings Gazette: Cannabis is effective for some diabetes sufferers.


This from the online Rapid City Journal via the Billings Gazette. Note the word "legalized" in the headline.

ip intends to bring Montana's quest to streamline its 2004 law that redefines one aspect of alternative medicine to readers in South Dakota, especially as voters contemplate a simillar initiative. This story is one of the best so far.

Here's more on medical cannabis which seems to be all over the MSM outlets in Montana:

Butte, Montana is a Democratic and Labor stronghold in the state; mom and pop businesses predominate. Grass-roots organizations have been able to resist the development of chain stores, especially in Uptown, where historic preservation efforts maintain the flavor of an urban environment.

NPR reports this morning that cannabis is an effective treatment for PTSD. Here is an IR story on one Montana veteran exhibiting his own growing operation .


Violence flares as gangbangers (bet me) frustrated by the successes of Montana's civil society litigating the definition of medicine are now befuddling spooks of all stripes after twin blasts. More to come

It is with profound queasiness that this is even being typed at all in Bill Janklow's Thunderdome; so, Barry Goldwater's anthemic, "Extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice" seems to work quite nicely right about now. Let's just say that Bob Newland is a personal hero.

Montanans knew they would be making it up as they went along when they passed a law in 2004 allowing people with "debilitating medical conditions" to grow and use cannabis as a prescribed treatment. At a recent legislative hearing a wide cross-section of constituents came together to brainstorm some solutions to challenges in the budding (just had to) new economy.

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