Today's intersection: pink slime and Steve King

A judge appointed by Republican South Dakota Governor Denny Daugaard will hear a case brought against ABC News for its role in dubbing so-called lean, finely textured beef "pink slime."

Dakota Dunes-based Beef Products says it was forced to close three of its four plants and erase hundreds of jobs after consumers realized what is in the crap. Using ammonia to reduce bacteria BPI had a processing plant in Iowa but moved its headquarters to South Dakota to take advantage of the state's regressive tax structure.
As the “pink slime” coverage played out, Beef Products endorsed a USDA move to allow voluntary labeling so consumers would know which packages of ground beef had LFTB and which didn’t. [Wall Street Journal]
According to court documents released to the Associated Press the slaughter house was in the business clique that raised concerns about a state official GOP Iowa Governor Terry Branstad tried to force from office.
In a legal deposition, Branstad denied allegations levied in a lawsuit that he targeted former Iowa Workers’ Compensation Commissioner Chris Godfrey because Godfrey is gay. Branstad repeatedly defended the company’s product in the deposition, bristling when attorney Roxanne Conlin called it “pink slime.” [Associated Press]
Branstad has been picked by the corrupt Trump White House to replace Montana's Max Baucus as Ambassador to China.
Iowa voters are strongly opposed to Governor Branstad's proposal to privatize Medicaid. Just 22% of voters are in support of it, with a 52% majority against. Both Democrats (7/78) and independents (25/49) are firmly against it and even Republicans (36/26) are only narrowly in favor. Steve King is an unpopular figure on a statewide basis- only 30% of voters have a positive view of him to 41% with a negative one. But he breaks even in his own district at 41/41, which has been good enough to keep getting him reelected. [Public Policy Polling]
BPI donates generously to Republican candidates like King and to South Dakota's GOP delegation.

King believes the Supreme Court of the United States has no authority to rule on marriage equality, routinely waxes poetic about his white supremacist proclivities and makes pink slime look pure...mostly. Iowa deserves King: he is one of the least effective members of Congress and suffers some of the lowest approval ratings in the US.

Oh. The other larder in the photo above is Mr. Pink Slime himself: Dakota Dunes' own earth hater, bail bondsman, Zionist and recently self-installed Exalted Cyclops of the South Dakota Republican Party, Dan Lederman.


larry kurtz said...

Update, 20 March, 1200 MDT: some of the Democrats who still live in South Dakota are lamenting the actions of some Bircher in Nebraska taking on Girl Scout cookies because the organization's Jewish history.

Twin City Fruit in Deadwood had long histories with the businesses that advertise in Bircher-leaning publications. You need look no further than Betty Olson or Alan Aker to know there is animosity because of Jewish influence in the UN, an organization that supports the indigenous rights that could settle the Black Hills Claim.

Dan Daly, http://dakotafreepress.com/2017/03/20/philip-belle-fourche-st-onge-cattle-barns-advertise-in-white-supremacist-publication/ should spend some time in a sale barn to learn why ranchers believe they're under attack from the very Democrats bashing free speech protections while letting Pierre crush their civil rights.

larry kurtz said...

Update, 22 March, 0922: Dakota Dunes' pink slime family is Iowa governor's biggest donor.