Thune responsible for Facebook's fake news

Senator John Thune (earth hater-SD) has flip-flopped on Donald Trump's legitimacy so many times it looks like he's been bought.
Mr. Thune also asked directly whether the curators had “in fact manipulated the content,” something Facebook denied in a statement on Monday. Among Facebook users, 63 percent consider the platform to be a news service, according to a Pew Study. The company could ignore or refuse to comply with Mr. Thune’s requests on First Amendment grounds, said Floyd Abrams, a leading First Amendment lawyer. [New York Times]
After his Republican overlords stuffed his war chest Thune reversed his rejection of Trump in just a matter of days.
Once Donald Trump wrapped up the Republican nomination, Thune started showing up on vice presidential short lists before Indiana Gov. Mike Pence got the nod. By October, after disclosure of taped remarks in which Trump discussed groping women without their consent, Thune called on the billionaire businessman to withdraw from the race in favor of Pence.

HARWOOD: The head of the NSA said (Monday) at The Wall Street Journal CEO Council that no one should have any doubt that Russia got involved in our election for the purpose of achieving a specific effect. Are you concerned about Donald Trump's position on Russia, closeness with Russia, and Russia's role in this election?

THUNE: Russia is constantly looking for ways to undermine and disrupt our democratic systems. I mean, I think they wanted to create doubt, and skepticism, and anything they can do to raise questions about that. So sure. [CNBC]
Thune and Federal Bureau of Investigation czar, James Comey play basketball together.

If Thune can be such a spectacular liar it does make one wonder whether he has a direct connection to Russia, too.

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larry kurtz said...

The paper trail is clear. Facebook, Thune, Comey and the GOP colluded with Russia to elect Trump: it's just that simple.