Ted was right: America is the world's merchant of death

Ted Kaczynski knew it all along: America is killing the rest of the world just to enrich the richest one percent.
People in Lincoln knew him simply as "Ted." To them, he was the odd recluse who ate rabbits, lived without power and rode his bike into town to check out books from the library. His victims were random, but most were connected to technology, timber, advertising and psychology in some way. His motive appeared to be rage against the impacts of the Industrial Revolution on nature, but his journals contained many contradictions. ['Hiding in plain sight': Lincoln residents recall arrest of infamous Unabomber 20 years later ]
Today, Ellsworth Air Force Base near Rapid City, South Dakota practice-bombs parts of four states, including Montana. Republican lawmakers support a multi-trillion dollar war machine that is bankrupting America.

Scientists have linked a climate crisis to the abandonment of parts of the Southwest US. To drive Russia into recession and create a backlash against Vladimir Putin the US fracking industry has put America at risk to climate disruptions and earthquakes.

In the US alone there are at least 15,000 abandoned uranium mines leaching radiation into the biosphere. Creationism is accepted in red states as a realistic alternative to science; and, discrimination against minorities is still widely practiced. Fourth Amendment protections are being stripped and any asshole can grow up to be President, no experience required.

Plastics derived from petroleum are causing gender dysphoria and endocrine disruptions in children and teens. The burning of fossil fuels is making war on the Earth. Ethnic cleansing is being visited against the First Nations and First Americans.

The extirpation of bison, cougars and wolves has created explosive wildfire conditions in the Greater Missouri Basin. Wildlife Services, part of the US Department of Agriculture, wants to exterminate a wolf pack that killed nineteen elk in a Wyoming refuge that feeds and over-winters the ungulates. Elk in the region are dying en masse from Chronic Wasting Disease that researchers say results from the federal government feeding of elk in close proximity.

Some wildlife managers want to treat elk and bison with PZP, a birth control method administered with dart guns, that has shown to be effective in feral horses and burros.

Kaczynski forecast all of this and acted on his fears inspiring a generation of white supremacists, militia wannabees, sovereign citizens...and some progressives.

So, reading through Ted's psych eval revealed some similarities with my own, where parents and nuns conspired to permit me to leapfrog fifth grade: "as the result of testing conducted in the fifth grade, it was determined that he [Kaczynski] could skip the sixth grade and enroll with the seventh grade class."

Here is the link to Ted's essay later described as the Unabomber Manifesto. It looks to me like an early forecast (and evidence) of the anthropogenic trophic cascade that's currently underway.

Kaczynski's brother, David ratted out Ted to federal authorities. His interview on WAMU's Diane Rehm Show can be heard here.

Rewild the West.

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