He's in: Gary Johnson enters presidential barnstorm

Does anyone call it recreational alcohol? Of course not.
Johnson announced his candidacy for the Libertarian Party nomination Wednesday at the New Mexico state capitol in Santa Fe. [Albuquerque Journal]
Gary Johnson got 5795 votes from South Dakotans in 2012.
Former New Mexico Gov. Gary Johnson on Tuesday hinted that he soon might be announcing another Libertarian Party presidential bid. “I’ve enjoyed working with CBDS, and am confident of the future successes of the company and the cannabis industry and I’m confident that legal cannabis is a societal good,” Johnson said in a news release.
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Colorado’s cannabis law includes a 15 percent excise tax on wholesale product that is set aside for school construction capital.

Public Policy Polling released a survey commissioned by Minnesota NORML from January 18-21, 2015. 49% of Minnesotans want legal cannabis ala Colorado and Washington, 44% are opposed; men embrace legalization 51/43. 76% of respondents condone therapeutic access. Even Republicans showed support at 61% and American Indians showed overwhelming approval at 93%. 54% believe cannabis prohibition is not more effective than alcohol prohibition, 51% think Minnesota’s economy would benefit from market legalization.

North Dakota has legalized cannabis so getting the means to cultivate onto the Standing Rock tribal nation is already taking place. But distribution of finished product remains smoke and mirrors unless states and tribes adopt a regulatory strategy and form compacts.

Progressives overwhelmingly support legal cannabis while liberals are too afraid to offend a non-existent base. Clearly, South Dakota ‘Progress’ doesn’t have a progressive spine and should just join the SDGOP.

Letting GOP Senator Rand Paul lead on cannabis rights will result in the defeat of Democrats nation wide if we don't step up to the bong, listen to voters and send the message to end Prohibition.

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