STUDFISH Lordz Rez-Erection 2014

Timothy McVeigh=Cliven Bundy=Ted Nugent.

Today is the anniversary of the Oklahoma City bombing. It happened a month after my little sister was killed and three months after the birth of my first daughter.

May 4th: The Stud Bar: 399 9th Street at Harrison, SF 94103
DUSTFISH goes back to the playa HARD in Lord Huckleberry’s honor. Our live music stage (usually about 8/Esplanade) will be a hot air balloon flying airship. This was Lord’s dream of travel, and we’ll create it this year. Monkey’s flying out of Lordz Ass? You betcha . . . and more! . . . Mebbe you’ll wanna join us out there, anyway come play with us at STUDFISH. All welcome!

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