Conspiracy roundup: government shutdown edition

Public Policy Polling has been releasing results of surveys on conspiracy beliefs (calling them 'theories' is being too kind) among American voters. Most of it has been a hoot, especially with Tom Clancy's passing:

Iran, Vietnam, Cuba: Conspiracies R US.
John Foster Dulles and Allen Dulles were the forefathers of using covert operations to upset foreign governments — with the aim of overthrow. [All Things Considered, NPR]
Netanyahu, AIPAC and Syria: here is more insight from former US Senator James Abourezk. He penned a rejoinder to earth hater state senator Dan Lederman in the Pierre Capital Journal.

New Mexico-based Valerie Plame appeared with John Hockenberry on WNYC's The Takeaway.


Duffer said...

No small wonder why Jim was a one-termer in Foggy Bottom, eh?

How much bullshit can one person swallow?

Remember those days? At one time we had George, and Jim representing this State in the U.S. Senate. SD is right in there with Texas and Alabama lapping-up knee-jerk fascism.

Now the Senate has Ted Cruz, and John Thune.

What a fucking joke.

Hang in there Larry - keep the fire to these assholes' feet.

larry kurtz said...

Bless your bones for coming by, Duff.