Thursday, September 5, 2013

Astoria, Oregon coast could be home

One impetus for some exploration of America's Blue Highways and the Pacific Northwest is a continuing discussion with commenters at A New Century of Forest Planning.

While living in Oregon some of them insist that they know better than I about how to fix the Missouri River basin so it seemed only logical that some familiarization with the Columbia River basin would give this interested party some insight about the relationships of western forests to each other.

A shot from above the ports at Longview, Washington from the Oregon side of the Columbia River. The bridge across the Columbia is permission for incontinence.

A shot of the Washington side of the bridge across the mouth of the river from Astoria.

The Oregon side of the bridge with marine fuel station in foreground

Astoria is the setting for at least two films: The Goonies and Kindergarten Cop.


Duffer said...

Years ago we were crossing the bridge there to Washington and were held up by a construction/repair crew.

Sitting there on the raised-span, in the quiet, just talking. All of a sudden everything starts shaking and the bridge is moving and all that. We're like . . . wtf?

Earthquake - while we're sitting in the car on that damn bridge way to heck above the river. Sphincter spasm.

Keep yer wits about ya Lad.

If you get down to Newport - check out Local Ocean Seafood down on the waterfront.

If I had a million damn dollars I'd live on that coast. Winter storms are a hoot.

larry kurtz said...

Spent the night in Newport two nights ago, Duff: hope to get those photos up tonight or tomorrow. Spent last night in Boise now headed up to see the results of floods on the recent wildfire near Sun Valley.

All the best to you.