Black Hills fungi found

A favorite drive in the Black Hills is from US 385 down the Bogus Jim Road which takes the rig to Norris Peak Road: it connects with the Nemo Road and becomes South Canyon Road in Rapid City. These photos were captured in mixed pine, spruce, aspen, and birch woods at the summit. Many ponderosa hit by the bug in this part of the Hills.

pinedrops are often indicators of fungi fruiting nearby

Hygrophorus, probably H. conicus

Aspen Scaber Stalk, Leccinum insigne, perfect for the saute pan. Don't cut it until just before cooking as it will bruise dark purple right away. A dime has been added to some photos for some reason.

Russula emetica: had there been oak in this north-facing draw this mushroom may have been parasitized by the Hypomyces mold transforming it into a choice Lobster.

Hygrophorus, probably H. russula

There have been a couple of stories on NPR about Cordyceps: the fungus that attacks insects. C. capitata has been used for centuries by indigenous shamans as aphrodisiacs and to divine the future.

Warning: Amanita!

Russula brevipes: this mushroom fruits in deep pine duff but no oak nearby so no Hypomyces. Note the bearberry.

Yes, these will blow your mind: Psilocybe montana or silvatica. No, I neither eat nor sell them.

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