Hypocritheocrisy exposed

The Zionist Right is a den of pornographers and masturbators flinging jiz at those that enjoy cannabis.

Pornography is the elephant in the pews, says Craig Gross [It's gross, all right]. "The statistics say that 48 percent of Christian families are dealing with the issue of pornography in their home," Gross says. "I would say the other 52 percent are just unaware of it being an issue in their house." Even some Orthodox Jews now struggle with porn. The most traditional used to shun the Internet, says Yaakov Gold [C'mon, Jack-off Gold?], who runs a website for Jews struggling with pornography. But now 80 percent have Internet access, he says, and that has opened up whole new opportunities. "Never in history have we had such a situation where everyone basically has a whorehouse in their home, in the privacy of their office when no one's around," Gold says.

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