TEA movement really about the right to consume

A few too many coincidences have been appearing in the rhetoric coming out of the demi-political phantasm now self-identifying as the TEA Party. It becomes readily apparent that the consumption of resources without the bounds of government (US, right?) is a divinely-endowed entitlement that should be unrestricted and guided only by one's own personal responsibility, caveat emptor.

As oil coats the Gulf of Mexico with the results of human greed it seems increasingly important to note that if government was really the problem, corporate independence would likely have ended life on Earth by now. The Ugliest Americans are those that insist that, "Time is Money" and that the ends justify the means. These people aren't patriots, they're gluttons using language that enables their insatiable desire to have more, consume more, and weigh more than the other poor slobs. Or, in other words, these people are just crackers for their TEA.


caheidelberger said...

These people would hear the 4-H Pledge and cry "Socialism!"

larry kurtz said...

Hi Cory, exactly. It really only struck me at age 40 that big egos make for cramped work space and that The People always ate before Crazy Horse did.