Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Train travel still far safer than driving

An Amtrak derailment has killed six seven eight but that crash spared 232 231 some 200 lives. The train is believed to have gone into a 50 MPH curve at 100.
Despite this, such gore is a staple of news broadcasts. However, maybe some good can yet come of this: there is a major need for repairs and upgrades in U.S. infrastructure. Train travel is one place to invest the dollars. Actual threats like climate change are too abstract to appreciate, while on TV we get panic about Malaysian jets and train crashes. [Princeton Election Consortium]
If you're one of 238 and go down in an airplane your ass is toast.

Talk of direct passenger rail service between the Empire Builder at Shelby, Montana and the Southwest Chief at Pueblo, Colorado through Denver continues.

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