Monday, May 25, 2015

South Dakota not last in sloth

Hey, South Dakota isn't 50th in something!

Minnesota's winters are at least as brutal as either western neighbor but is 7th in workout time and residents are physically active over 75 minutes a week. North Dakota finished 50th in workout minutes and minutes spent running while Washington, DC placed 51st in the country. My home state of South Dakota is 43rd working out less than an hour each week. Colorado is second, Montana mid-range at number 27 and Wyoming is just ahead of the Land of Infinite Vegetating at 41st.

My adoptive state of New Mexico ranks 9th working out over 73 minutes a week. We walk year round at least four hours a week.

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More bird pix: click on any for a better look.

Male black-headed and rose-breasted grosbeaks: image captured through porch screen

Female black-chinned hummingbird

Scott's oriole: image captured through window screen.

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