Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Bison exchange becoming political powerhouse

Jim Stone is the executive director of the Rapid City-based InterTribal Buffalo Council: it's a clearinghouse for tribes that want bison and parks that have a surplus.
The council argued that its relationship with the Interior Department and the national parks should be a partnership rather than a business arrangement. The council is a federally chartered Native American organization empowered and owed support by centuries' worth of federal law and treaties, and it gets funding from the Interior Department, just as the national parks do. By at least one account, the three Northern Plains national parks that have bison herds have provided at least 10,000 bison to tribes and other entities during all their years of culling. Those bison have gone on to reproduce, helping raise the American bison population into the hundreds of thousands. [Casper Star-Tribune]
Plenty of hits here come from members of Congress and even from the White House. Pending news is often heralded in searches that lead readers to interested party.
While the deadline for comment is June 15, please stay engaged and informed as the new planning process goes forward. If you care about the future of one of Yellowstone’s most beloved and iconic animals, now is the time to get involved. [Bozeman Daily Chronicle]
Are cows drinking the West dry? It’s time for tough questions: Tom Ribe / Writers On The Range.

People have a right to know where their food is produced and what’s in it: Tom Jopek.

President Obama: rewild the West.

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