Thursday, May 21, 2015

Today's intersection: history and stupid white people

Reading through newspaper websites serving the Mountain West every morning often leaves this blogger shaking his head over stuff found among the electrons.

The Casper Star-Tribune covered a meeting of the Cody, Wyoming school board where teabaggers are resisting teaching truths to American students.
That agenda, they say, includes discussion of global warming and a disproportionate focus on the stories of minorities. Aligned to the controversial Common Core State Standards, the readings cover a variety of subjects including global warming, evolution and race. Material for high school students also focuses on British, American and contemporary literature. Many opponents of the readings, such as trustee William Struemke, are active in the local Tea Party. Struemke said the materials presented "a very liberal, very slanted view of the world." He complained that stories within the texts are disproportionately about minority groups and that he would like to see more "white leaders" included. [Complaints about global warming, race stall Cody school board]
The Cody Enterprise covered the story, too.

Comes this posted at Indianz:
For instance, I find it awkward to stand to the Star Spangled Banner at events or gatherings. I feel a strong sense of embarrassment, knowing what I know about this new society. I believe that was the beginning of my search for my true self. Mount Rushmore is supposedly a symbol of egalitarianism or a “Shrine of Democracy.” However, that perception changed gradually to "Shrine of Hypocrisy.” At the same time, I see the practice of using the flag to promote personal, biased, and often hostile attitudes towards minorities. More accurately, this is an advancement of the belief, theory, or doctrine that white people are inherently superior to all other racial groups, and are therefore rightfully the dominant group in any society. [excerpt, Ivan F. Star Comes Out]
NPR's Morning Edition host, Steve Inskeep is touring with his new book on President Andrew Jackson. Inskeep is meticulous in his description of Jackson as a racist slaveholder dedicated to removing American Indians from their ancestral lands.

How tribal members have any respect for stupid white people whatsoever remains a mystery.

Wójupi Wi — Moon When the Leaves are Green.

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