Friday, October 10, 2014

"Friend of Obama" Larry Pressler co-hosted 2011 fundraiser for Romney

Larry Pressler is a skank:
The Sept. 29 fundraiser at the Bethesda North Marriott has a slew of Washington insiders signed up as co-chairs (promising to raise $10,000 each). More than two dozen prominent Washingtonians are lined up to co-host the bash, including, Constellation Energy’s executive vice president James Connaughton, former South Dakota Sen. Larry Pressler and his wife Harriet, National Association of Broadcasters chief and former Sen. Gordon Smith (R-Wash.) and his wife Sharon, and David Tamasi of Rasky Baerlein. One PI tipster noted that the event is mixing both supporters from the ’08 cycle and new supporters like Smith, Pressler and Westine. [Politico]

The flip-flopping Pressler was enlisted to run in South Dakota's US Senate race by GOP operative, Dick Wadhams to dilute Rick Weiland's base of support. Pressler has crashed to the left while saying he would vote to overturn Roe v. Wade if given the opportunity.
When asked which party he would caucus with in the Senate, Pressler said he would probably side with the party that would assure him roll call votes "on the five or six things" he cares deeply about, like tort reform in health-care. [Sean Sullivan, Washington Post]
If Pressler were really a friend to President Obama he would leave the campaign and throw his support to Rick Weiland.

A source close to former Senator Larry Pressler's campaign has passed a tip to this interested party that the candidate will soon announce his support for ending the federal ban on cannabis. More to come.

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