Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Bison restoration imperative

The GOP is lying: there is no bark beetle epidemic in the Black Hills, there is a ponderosa pine infestation.

Red flag warnings were in place for nearly all of the proposed Greater Missouri Basin National Wildlife Refuge.
Historically, Montana’s Great Plains teemed with an abundance and diversity of wildlife species not found elsewhere in North America. Arguably, the most definitive and iconic of these wildlife species was the American Plains bison. Yet, through a series of disastrous choices made by the non-indigenous settlers in the 19th century, bison were virtually extirpated from the Great Plains, and a remnant population of wild bison survived only in Yellowstone. We are convinced they will do so again given the chance to engage and discuss the future of wild bison in Montana. [excerpt, Montanans can meet challenge of bison restoration]
It's time to rewild the West.

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