Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Oglala chef brings taste of the Black Hills to Minneapolis menu

Sous chef, Sean Sherman calls himself a 'Sioux Chef.'
After years of researching and experimenting with "pre-colonization" foods, he's preparing to open a restaurant in the Twin Cities this winter that showcases those foods, reborn for contemporary palates. "We were close to the Badlands and its sand hills, which is not the best growing area by far," says Sherman, who's now 40. "But we would also spend weeks in the Black Hills, crawling around and learning stuff." If his restaurant is successful, Sherman hopes he can expand the concept and create similar ones across the country, training young Native American chefs in keeping their tribes' best culinary traditions alive. [Serri Graslie, NPR's The Salt]
Americans waste food and pollute watersheds at biblical proportions.
The average deer collision causes $3,305 in damages, according to a report from State Farm Insurance. West Virginia was listed as the state with the highest risk for collisions, followed by South Dakota. Pennsylvania was number four, and Montana was number six. It’s a nationwide problem. [Jack McNeel, Antelope Learn to Look Both Ways Before Crossing Street, Indian Country Today].
Rob Chaney writes in the Missoulian:
In 2012, Montana motorists hit 4,754 whitetail deer, 1,977 mule deer, 220 elk, 72 antelope and 28 moose, according to state Department of Transportation records. They also hit 39 black bears, five grizzly bears, six mountain lions, 15 bighorn sheep, an uncertain number of wolves, and uncounted birds of prey and furbearing mammals. [Chaney, FWP serves up roadkill salvage permits online]
From a post by Alex Reshanov at EarthSky:
All this shifting meat consumption is a concern because, despite our middling trophic level, we’re quite good at sucking up resources. According to the study, humans use 25% of the net primary production (that finite amount of planty [sic, planetary, i think, ip] energy we discussed earlier), and food production accounts for 35-40% of that allocation. Given that agriculture isn’t even our only drain on global resources, the fact that we’re not at the top of the food chain is probably a good thing. [Reshanov, Humans aren't top predators, says report]
Humanity has wiped out half the world's wildlife population since 1970.

Is it 4:20 yet?

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Xavier Rudd playing "Land Rights" at the Black Hills Unity Concert for a Paha Sapa Unity Alliance meeting of elders and leaders of the Pte Oyate [Great Sioux] Buffalo Nation. - The Black Hills Are Not For Sale. #ProtectTheSacred