Saturday, February 16, 2013

Schoenbeck, Lederman bend over for bishops, updated

Abused altar boy, Brookings-based Kochsucker and earth hater, Pat Powers (righter than right in photo), laments that Democrats support their candidates.

Now he is continuing his assault on State Senator Stan Adelstein.

Former legislator, pious Catholic, and one of the richest men in South Dakota, Lee Schoenbeck confessed in the online edition of South Dakota Magazine:
Through the sponsorship of organizations like Avera, Tessier’s and Muth Electric, the hunter’s registration fees and proceeds of the banquet auction, the Bishop’s Hunt generates funds. Initially the funds went to the support of the Catholic elementary school in Huron, and later the general mission of the Catholic Foundation. More recently, the funds have had a more focused purpose.
Mary Garrigan revealed in the Rapid City Journal that the Church of the Holy Roman Kiddie Diddlers, Rapid City Branch, greased the anti-civil rights movement in Minnesota with a thousand simoleons:
Bishop Robert Gruss said Wednesday that the donation was made at his discretion after it was requested by Minnesota bishops. "Sometimes it takes money to stand up for worthy causes," he said.
Separation of church and state is just so bothersome in the chemical toilet, especially when litigation hurts donations.

Comes this from a piece by Michelle R. Smith and Nicole Winfield published in The State:
Newly unsealed documents in a lawsuit brought against the Roman Catholic order Legion of Christ show the group's former second-in-command testified he discovered the order's founder, the late Rev. Marcial Maciel, had fathered a daughter in 2006, but never confronted him about his double life and didn't share the news with the group's broader membership. The scandal, which tarnished the legacy of Pope John Paul II, has been cited as an especially egregious example of how the Vatican ignored decades of reports about sexually abusive priests because church leaders put the interests of the institution above those of the victims.
The Church of the Holy Roman Kiddie Diddlers is part of the dark money donors driving the Koch and ALEC-greased earth hater party's candidates.

The GOP tourism secretary in the chemical toilet analogous to that dying state wants President Obama to visit.

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