Wednesday, December 15, 2010

War College redacts Adelstein link

Well, it looks like a disturbance in the Sith Order of South Dakota politics:

In response to Mount Blogmore's Kevin Woster shining sunlight on the hiring of South Dakota War College founder Pat Powers to the office of incoming Republican Secretary of State, Jason Gant, State Senator Stan Adelstein, also a Republican, blasted the War College blog as likely defamatory:
The employment of a patently dishonest person in an office requiring absolute objective fairness is outrageous. . .Just as my choice to run for office renders me unable to take action against Slander and Libel, this gentleman chose to render himself ineligible for a task requiring public trust. He chose to muckrake with deliberate viciousness and disregard for facts - thus his employment is grossly inappropriate.
He goes on to say:
Not unlike the State Department hiring a Wikileaks employee to organize their data - saying as Senator Gant states above “The press will like it very, very much.” Which press? The Kevin Wosters? I doubt it! (though few have his thoroughness and energy to seek accurate and substantial truth) More likeley those “bloggers, when they assign motives without first discussing it with the assignee and pass judgment without getting all the facts” After Powers knows well how to segregate, abbreviate and “anonymou-ate” data.

“never to be senator again” Stan Adelstein
ip posted a hyperlink at SDWC to the Blogmore discussion asking the question: "Do you think Senator Adelstein will flee the party?" with the thanks of Tyler Crissman only to have it deleted with an apology. 


UPDATE 1/6:  ip still blocked by the War Toilet.