Monday, June 18, 2012

Gary Johnson already a factor in presidential debate; Indians lost War of 1812

Former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson is generating a good media buzz.

He needs to poll at a minimum of 15 percent nationally to participate in debates with President Obama and that white Mormon earth hater from Massachusetts. Johnson's blog quotes a recent story from Erin McPike at RealClearPolitcs:
It’s all tied to getting matching funds from the Federal Election Commission to compete in future elections, because the Johnson team is certain once more voters are informed of Libertarian positions, large swaths of the electorate will swing their way.
From Politifact:
PPP polls have shown Johnson at 15 percent in his home state of New Mexico, 9 percent in Arizona, 8 percent in Montana and 7 percent in New Hampshire. A poll conducted by ORC International for the libertarian magazine Reason found Johnson taking 6 percent in Wisconsin.
The President's recent decision to only selectively prosecute violators of immigration law leaves some progressives hoping he will use an executive order to remove cannabis from Schedule 1.

After Ron Paul supporters are jettisoned from the earth hater convention in Tampa expect Gov. Johnson to gain momentum.

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