Friday, June 1, 2012

Rosen Questions Catholic Roberts Court

The Roberts Court is under fire for its judicial activism from frequent NPR guest, Jeffrey Rosen:
Essentially Roberts came into office telling me and other journalists that he would make it his goal as chief justice to promote consensus and avoid five-to-four decisions. He said it was bad for the court and bad for the country in a polarized time, for the court to divide along ideological lines.
From Lyle Denniston at SCOTUSblog:
Without creating any new constitutional right for gays and lesbians to get married, the First Circuit Court on Thursday ruled that Congress did not have the power to intrude on the choice of states — like Massachusetts — to create such a right under state law. The Circuit Court stressed, near the end of its opinion, that it was not relying on the challenge by gay rights advocates that DOMA had a “hidden but dominant purpose” of “hostility to homosexuality.” It conceded that some lawmakers had that in mind, but others may have had different reasons.
Having six Roman Catholics where five rule on the same side each time a Vatican-lobbied case comes before an entrenched 5-4 Court should frighten everyone.


D.E. Bishop said...

It does frighten me. I can only hope for a speed up of the Vatican crack up.

NPR talked today about how universally disliked Pope RatsAss is.There is a lot going on about scheming and conniving cardinals and bishops working to get him replaced. (Talking about a religious group "scheming and conniving?" Yes.)

I don't know just how they go about that, but I'm all a replacement. (Unless they've got some uber-right cardinal waiting in the wings. Perhaps another Opus Dei guy like the previous pope. Ugh.)

More info being revealed daily about how the Vatican "took care of" the pedophile priests. It's about time that corrupt and degenerate Vatican got busted.

RCC in the pews, plus most religious (nuns and monks), are really good people. I'd suggest a lower percentage of priests too. I hope the Vatican, and that entire corrupt, rotted religious aristocracy collapses. Then the folks can create a new governing structure minus a remote power structure. There are plenty of good examples among Protestant churches for forms of governance that are accountable. That would be the best thing to ever happen to the RCC.

larry kurtz said...

As Don Pay said at Ken Blanchard's: the Church operates a criminal enterprise. The scheme is no longer cash flowing: failure is its only option.

D.E. Bishop said...

There is an article today on Yahoo News about the Vatican's efforts to restore trust following the scandal. Appallingly enough, THIS is the scandal the boys in the Vatican are concerned about:

"It will take time to restore trust within the walls of the Vatican and ease the pain caused by a leaks scandal that led to the arrest of Pope Benedict's butler, the pontiff's spokesman said on Wednesday."

My mind is completely boggled.

They are not concerned about the pedophiles, nor the churches that have closed, nor the secretive financial dealings,j nor the harm their behavior has caused to millions of innocenet members. They are concerned about the guy who exposed their further scandalous behavior. Apparently they are not ashamed of what they've done, but they are angry that someone told on them and that is their focus.

There is much more that clearly demonstrates how deeply corrupt and shameless the RCC hierarchy is. You can find it here:

larry kurtz said...

Bet we can expect the Justice Department and even the State Department to remain quiet until at least after the election, DE.