Thursday, June 7, 2012

Rapid City wising up about wildfire buffers

Even I have to admit Rapid City looks pretty good: repeated dope slaps will do that for a town, I guess.

This popped up RT @fireinfogirl. From a release of Fire-adapted communities and NFPA West:
U.S. Forest Service, National Fire Protection Association and Ad Council launch national PSA campaign encouraging Americans to adapt and prepare for wildland fires. Nearly 70,000 communities in the United States are at risk of damaging wildfires this season.
The article calls Rapid City a success story and cites a piece from the aging, sometimes beloved RCJ reporter, Kevin Woster.

One out of 130 or so ain't bad, Rapid.

Rochford, Hill City, Keystone, and Rockerville are in deep shit, so is Edelweiss above Pactola.


Anonymous said...

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larry kurtz said...

#HighParkFire near Ft. Collins at 10,000A. RT @kktv11news Larimer County Sheriff Justin Smith: "This is the fire we've always feared we'd have."