Saturday, June 23, 2012

Dems hoping for Rubio; Mitt, Thune eloping

Let's face it: Marco is a dweeb. Bill Maher would even call him a dick.

The chemical toilet's KSFY:
This weekend, Senator Thune will be headed out west to Utah. Romney and Thune have shared a close political relationship for months.
Lifted from a John Nichols piece at The Nation:
Prospective Republican vice presidential nominees who have been invited to participate in the talent competition include Wisconsin Congressman Paul Ryan, South Dakota Senator John Thune, former Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty and Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal. Not on the list is Florida Senator Marco Rubio, who is so not going to be on the GOP ticket this fall. Several other Republicans who are on Romney’s long “shortlist” of vice presidential prospects will miss the Utah event, including Ohio Senator Rob Portman and New Hampshire Senator Kelly Ayotte. But Rubio’s absence is particularly notable, as there is mounting evidence that past ethical problems have knocked his out of contention.
Two governors on the same ticket? Insanely ludicrous.


Stan Gibilisco said...

Just took a quiz at to see which presidential candidates would most match my views ...

1. Ralph Nader
2. Barack Obama
3. Hillary Clinton
4. Joe Biden

Mitt Romney was all the way down at the bottom of the list, 13th or 15th or something like that.

And I am still registered as a Republican.

Maybe I should vote so as to sabotage things ... become a contrarian in other words.

Nothing like not knowing oneself.

larry kurtz said...

You would not be the only voter trying to monkey-wrench the rolls, Stan: that just happened in Gallatin and Jefferson Counties, Montana in the primary where Dems voted en masse on the GOP ticket to turn out nutcases.