Thursday, May 12, 2011

Righteous rapture ripening?

Just think: in ten more days a billion believers will be sorely disappointed and the rest of us will be watching a rare planetary alignment. From NPR's blog 13.7, named for the number of billions of years realistic cosmologists compute as the age of the universe:
The date, set by 89-year-old Harold Camping, a radio host and Christian fundamentalist, comes from convoluted computations based on the dating of Biblical events plus floods and other disasters. Interestingly, there is a series of spectacular planetary alignments taking place this month.

NPR's Barbara Bradley Hagarty brought this up the other day on Weekend Edition Saturday:

Brian Haubert grabs some pamphlets and marches toward the flea market in Palmyra, N.J. Armed with a poster that trumpets Judgment Day on May 21, 2011, he braces for rejection. His friend and fellow believer, Kevin Brown, uses a gentler approach, not confronting people or engaging in conversation, just politely handing out Judgment Day pamphlets. On May 21, "starting in the Pacific Rim at around the 6 p.m. local time hour, in each time zone, there will be a great earthquake, such as has never been in the history of the Earth," he says. "And then the Bible says it will be 153 days later that the entire universe and planet Earth will be destroyed forever."
Let's see: 153 days after May 21 is nowhere close to December 21, 2012, the REAL end of time, right?

Duganz posted a great read at 4and20 Blackbirds where commenter Keith remarked, "I look forward to having all the country-music folks get sucked away to heaven." I had to laugh like Hell!

You know, it's all fun and games until someone on the edge of complete despair takes it upon her or himself to expedite a self-fulfilling prophesy; so expect some white christians to take the matter into their own hands.

Diane Rehm hosts the author of Among the Truthers. Fascinating stuff.

July 11 has been set as the court date for Flandreau Sioux v. South Dakota. Cert petition for Yankton Sioux Tribe v. United States Army Corps of Engineers


caheidelberger said...

The Rapture would ease the demand for fossil fuels and indsutrial agriculture. It would also decrease the number of theocrats in the South Dakota Legislature (assuming their interpretation of who gets raptured is right). I'm not seeing the downside. :-)

larry kurtz said...

Exactly; Montana, too. Of course, hypocrites aren't allowed into Heaven, either.

nath99 said...

Did anyone see the picture of the controversial billboard that was recently put up by another spiritual group near Family Radio’s headquarters? It directly challenges them about May 21. Here is a picture of it:

larry kurtz said...


I thought I was the the Messiah. Dang it....

hipneck said...

According to the Daily Mail, Dr Sullivan, a former NASA astronaut, told a UN weather conference in Geneva that 'it is not a question of if, but really a matter of when a major solar event could hit our planet'. Are you prepared or will you be counting on __________to save your ass?

hipneck said...

Episode-667- Modern Survival Ways to Save Money Part Three