Friday, May 6, 2011

Aberdeen businessman negligent at Deadwood landmark?

A Deadwood city supervisor just interviewed by phone, stated that the subcontractor hired to conduct interior demolition in Deadwood's historic Pineview Building has abandoned the project citing intractable differences with Aberdeen-based Todd Lamont leaving the building even more vulnerable to the elements. The source revealed that Mexican nationals were a feature in the row and quoted the contractor as saying, "those guys are fucking assholes," referring to the Pineview Group.

Barbara Soderlin from her Pineview update:

Building co-owner Todd Lamont said Thursday that the "work will continue; we're just looking at a few things right now." Deadwood building inspector Keith Umenthum said he wasn't certain why the subcontractor stopped working but said it might have to do with the increasing cost of the job. Umenthum said the city didn't inspect the property in the last three years because it seemed that the owners were making progress.
Huh? WTF, Keith? Give up when ip left town? As for the Loveland, Colorado based contractor leaving the job site: Deadwood has a strict policy governing undocumented workers where city employees are union members.

My opinion? Seize the building, Keith; fine the fucking assholes for every day the property has been in their possession, and hire a local contractor.

Found this at the Utne Reader:

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larry kurtz said...

Update on Deadwood's Pineview from Black Hills Pioneer.

It looks good. This interested party spoke with Keith Umenthum just before the Sturgis Rally: he was encouraged by progress, too.