Monday, March 21, 2016

SCOTUS drops red state cannabis case

Here is one more reason why Democrats need to control the federal bench.

By a 6-2 vote the Supreme Court of the United States has decided not to hear a case brought by Republican attorneys general in Oklahoma and Nebraska about Colorado's sovereignty to legalize cannabis.
Legal gurus closely following state-level marijuana reforms have been also closely following the lawsuit brought directly to the Supreme Court way back in December 2014 by Nebraska and Oklahoma complaining about how Colorado reformed its state marijuana laws. Today, via this order list, the Supreme Court finally officially denied the "motion for leave to file a bill of complaint" by Nebraska and Oklahoma against Colorado. This is huge news for state marijuana reform efforts, but not really all that surprising.
Read it here.

Resolution in this case opens the door for American Indian nations trapped in red states like South Dakota to resume grow/ops.

Travel with Rick Steves airs on Bill Janklow's idea of public radio on Sunday mornings. He lives in Edmonds, Washington.
After four years of legalization, I look out my window here and marijuana's legal and it looks just like it did before it was legal. It just means we arrest 8,000 people fewer a year, it means money is being taken away from organized crime and our government is enjoying tens of millions of dollars of tax revenue that they wouldn't have had otherwise. And mature adults have the civil liberty of going home and smoking a little pot if they want to. I mean, I've got my bong right out on my shelf at home, and it's just great to have it there right next to the wine glasses. [PBS Host Rick Steves Discusses His First Trip, Breaking Marijuana Stereotypes And Being An Advocate]
Cannabis is a safe, effective palliative.


Duffer said...

as if we didn't already know how ignorant the dirtbags Alito and Thomas were . . . . . or maybe it's just the intensity of hate they carry in their souls. Along with Messr Steves - things looked quite normal on the west coast to me.

Hey man - returning from far west I was cruising up I-25 between Albuquerque and Santa Fe when I see a sign saying (Waldo Road). Dat you?

larry kurtz said...

Hey, Duff, Waldo Canyon Road is very close, you should have let me know you were in the neighborhood!

Duffer said...

Will next time - but I gotta say - I-40 is getting dicier. Trying to work way east we were stopped twice (west of Needles and east of Winslow) for several hours each for tractor-trailer bumper cars . . . and the weather was beautiful. Not even windy. These laissez-faire GOP-run states (except when it comes to a harmless herb) don't want to restrain a runaway trucking industry in any way. In California and Illinois I know they limit trucks to lower speeds - amazing how much smoother traffic runs. I'm gonna guess safer too. It works. It's scary out there any more with trucks flying along at 80 mph - weaving in/out traffic.

Looks like NM could use some rain Bud. NorCal was REALLY wet. 8)

larry kurtz said...

Blowing dust the last couple of days. It's scary dry, brush fires in the bosque and now Kansas has a wildfire ripping through showing on radar.

Duffer said...

Wonder if Brownback has money to pay fire-fighters? And those stoopid fuckers re-elected that jerk. Shows ta go ya - talking to Repukes is like talking to a fucking wall.

larry kurtz said...

Brownback declared a state of disaster.