Friday, April 10, 2015

Howe, Hurst crossing European, Lakota stars

Sam Hurst is the author of many works, including the viral post-mortem of the candidacy of former South Dakota Representative Stephanie Herseth Sandlin: a sobering reminder of how Democrats lost the word war in the state.
Dr. Craig Howe and Sam Hurst will speak at 7 p.m. on Tuesday, April 14 in the Joy Alumni Welcome Center on the BHSU campus. Howe and Hurst will introduce and show their film, “Lakota Star Knowledge,” which links the Greco-Roman view of constellations with the traditional Lakota culture. The film was directed by Hurst with the assistance of The Center for American Indian Research and Native Studies under the direction of Howe and with additional support from Oglala Lakota College. They will discuss the subject and making of the film, as well as conduct a question and answer session. The presentation is held in conjunction with American Indian Awareness Week on campus. “Lakota Star Knowledge” was shot in southwestern South Dakota. In the film, Hurst and Howe take a group of middle school students from the Rosebud Indian reservation on an adventure, educating the youth on the Lakota universe and the role the stars play in their heritage. [BHSU Communications]
A visit with Hurst at The Badlands Bash, a fundraiser for an initiative promoted by former US House candidate, Kevin Weiland, in Rapid City's Main Street Square gave me pause.

Mr. Hurst mused about starting an online newspaper to fill the void left by the mainstream media in the chemical toilet. He decided to make films.

Just for fun, we can look up dead horses' butts all day long to know much less than we know now while knowing we let John Thune have a free ride in 2010.

Hurst's Dakota Day piece about the defeat of the incumbent Sandlin to Kristi Noem defined the choice of the South Dakota Democratic Party to allow Dr. Kevin Weiland to mount a primary run against Sandlin instead of a general election run against the unopposed Thune who now has an untapped $10 million war chest.

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