Friday, April 3, 2015

North Dakota cannabis law signed by governor

As oil prices tank North Dakota's Republican governor, Jack Dalrymple, has taken steps to avert an economic bust.
Wayne Hauge says he's "mostly your typical northwest North Dakota farmer." "It's a crop that makes a lot of sense for North Dakota," Hauge says. Seed availability will be factor in when, and how much of, the crop is planted. Farmers also need to learn more about how to raise and handle it, just as they would with any new crop, supporters say. [The Dickinson Press]
Alex White Plume wants to plant cannabis but finding seed and getting it through Marty Jackley's police state is daunting if not impossible.

Jackley's campaign support is bolstered by strong cash advances from Big Booze.

As South Dakota leads the US in teen binge drinking, growth of violent crime and the sex trade, Attorney General Marty Jackley is up to his areolae:
Once Colorado opened the door for legalizing marijuana, the Attorney General's office started taking calls and emails about South Dakota's laws. Now that Minnesota is about to do the same, only restricted to just medical marijuana, the calls and emails are coming again. Jackley also adds that even though Minnesota has moved forward with their new medical marijuana deal, he doesn't expect any South Dakota laws to be changed. [Jared Ransom, KELO teevee]
But, Marty is pleased as punch to negotiate with donor GlaxoSmithKline behind closed doors to lower its settlement to South Dakota? How conservative.


Anonymous said...

Good for North Dakota to decide to legalize growing Hemp which can be used for so many applications for bio-diesel, home insulation, rope, clothing and the list goes on. If we can use less petro-chemicals than great!

I used to purchase hemp milk sporadically and it was pretty good besides being healthy. It was expensive but hopefully the costs will go down with greater availability.


Anonymous said...


Is Alex White Plume not able to get Hemp seeds because in order to get them he has to ship them or have them shipped across a different jurisdiction which makes him legally liable? If so, That does not make sense if there is documentation to show it will be grown on tribal lands where it is now legal right?


larry kurtz said...

Colorado will be an outlet after their first crop comes in, Lynn; but imagine him trying to get a sack of seeds into Nebraska then onto the rez. Law enforcement patrols the Colorado border because of the cash fining and jailing offenders generates.

Bill Dithmer said...

After wading through ICC regs for a couple of hrs, it looks like the transport of the seed should be legal because it Will be between two legal parties in the transaction. Legal in Colorado, legal on the res. Find someone with a hazmat license, jump through the hoops, document the haul.Or you could load it on a plane and fly it into Pine Ridge.

Unknown said...

Great news for North Dakota, but here no Hemp Hoe Down this year.

larry kurtz said...

A state agency is intermediary as Tennessee is preparing to get organic seed from Canada: Tullahoma News similar with Colorado but would tribal government apply if council says no?

Why no Hemp Hoe Down?