Wednesday, March 25, 2015

South Dakota preparing air strikes on Montana

After the 1997 crash of an Ellsworth-based B1-B in Carter County, Montana a responding volunteer firefighter from Alzada told this interested party the multi-million dollar aircraft was brought down by a rancher with a .30-30 Winchester. Just miles away another multi-million dollar bomber augured in recently as did a private aircraft.

Expect it to happen even more often now.
Roger Meggers, who manages Eastern Montana’s Baker Municipal Airport, was in Washington on Tuesday meeting with lawmakers about the expansion. Meggers said the expanded airspace would cause significant delays at his small airport, and he said military aircraft traveling at high speeds are a serious safety concern for other aviators. “We’re disappointed and feel that the aircraft and public safety is at risk with the way it’s going forward,” he said. “It’s definitely a plus for South Dakota at the expense of Montana.” [Billings Gazette]
Hoka hey!

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