Saturday, March 28, 2015

Brookings, Daktronics beneficiaries of Obamanomics

The Peoples Republic of Brookings is not just home to South Dakota's most obese GOP blogger.
The Minnesota Vikings and Minneapolis Sports Facilities Authority (MSFA) on Friday selected Daktronics to design, manufacture and install 18 LED video displays featuring 13HD technology for the new stadium currently under construction in Minneapolis. The company says a total of more than 25,000 square feet of video displays will work together to brand the Vikings home-game atmosphere and build a fan experience unique to the state. [Brookings Register]
Real estate values in Brookings County are rebounding from the horrors of the Bush era.
It’s an article of history, almost of faith, that a rising economy benefits the president, his party and its White House ticket. And there’s plenty to brag about: The national jobs report for February was greeted with adjectives that ran the gamut from “strong” to “wow” to “barnburner.” “The United States of America’s coming back,” Obama said Wednesday in Cleveland, and that should be good news for the 2016 Democratic presidential nominee. [POLITICO, Hey governors: you didn't build that]
Brookings and Pierre could see, smell, feel and hear a hundred trains a day if Genesee and Wyoming gets its way.
Some Brookings County residents have been contacting their commissioners about a new policy that extends marriage-based benefits to county employees and their same-sex spouses if they have been legally married in a jurisdiction that permits same-sex marriage. Commissioners created the policy without discussion Dec. 31 but brought it up Tuesday to say they had no choice in the matter. “If we had not acted on this, we would have set the county up for a huge liability, should a suit arise,” said Stephne Miller, commissioner. [County clarifies policy on same-sex marriage benefits, Brookings Register]
Daktronics is home to a thriving progressive technocracy while Brookings Utilities is a right wing mob: go figure.
Construction of the huge Bel Brands USA cheese plant and the city-built wastewater digester helped push the value of commercial construction in the community to $35.6 million. [Brookings Register]
Businesses should be allowed to ban obese people: airlines and taxi services should charge more for fat people. Scales and Body Mass Index stations should be outside stores where food is sold. Businesses with buffets should have scales at the door and anyone with a BMI over 23 will pay an additional $1.00 for every whole number above that.

Food stores should have scales at tills that add surcharges according to BMIs. Gas stations should have scales that determine price per gallon according to BMI unless you have documentation in your debit/credit card updated by your doctor that you're on a weight reduction regimen.

Just a reminder: former SOS Gant employee, Pat Powers fled his hometown, least twice...for the Peoples Republic of Brookings. Why? Because the state's capital is a shit hole.

Brookings: divest from coal and wean yourself from fossil fuels.

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