Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Mr. President: let your freak flag fly

C'mon Barry: let Joe loose again or Gary Johnson will cut into your base.

52% of poll respondents believe that a constitutional convention would have lasting effects on american democracy according to recent findings.

A constitutional convention would:

heal american democracy
3 (17%)

undermine american democracy
6 (35%)

have no effect on american democracy
8 (47%)

Thanks for voting everyone.


Duffer said...

I was at the Y2K Pepsi Center gig. Crosby forgot the words to (this) song at some point and, being the old pros they are, they started winding the song down pretty much seamlessly.

Voila, David remembers who he is, so they crank the anthem of our generation back up and finish it off in style. If I wasn't endeared to that group already - that sure sealed it.

Wish I could say the same about the products of our generation. What a huge disappointment are those that carried our banner to the halls of power.

Greed usurps idealism; but tanks for da membries Mr. Kurtz.

larry kurtz said...

I saw Crosby solo at The Catalyst in Santa Cruz two days after Lennon was murdered: very moving event.

Time the Avenger.

Good to smell ya, Duff.