Friday, May 18, 2012

Letter: SSM won't kill us but Monsanto will; Mount St. Helens flashback

My morning creamed with organic half and half from free-range cows-organic, fair-trade coffee drinking partner read aloud this letter to the Santa Fe New Mexican:
Great, now this election year can be all about gay marriage, a human-rights issue we could have solved years ago. Concerned about sexual morals? Then get to work bringing pedophile priests, domestic abusers and human traffickers to justice.

Meanwhile, this nation's policy discourse should be about liberating us from the corrupt corporate-congressional revolving door and realistically addressing what's headed our way from tar-sands filth, BP dispersants, Monsanto poisons, melting ice caps, Fukushima, and our own nuclear mess. Wake up, people! Someone else's marriage can't kill you, but the rest of this stuff could.

Sasha Pyle
Santa Fe
No shit.

Rob Kailey's post in Montana's A Chicken Is Not Pillage elicited a flashback.

I recall this from the hang glider launch on Mt. Sentinel:

The wind was dead all day and we passed the time kicking the hacky sack.

Late in the afternoon a massive cloud filled the western horizon so everybody but me, the driver that day, ran their gliders into a scant breeze to beat the weather.

By the time I got off the mountain and back to the LZ, the golf course, the sky was so dark the street lights were coming on.

Not having thought to turn on a radio, I was totally freaked when ash began falling from the sky. Only after running back to the pickup and turning on the news did I learn.

The next week in Missoula was spent inside with the windows duct-taped shut and not being able to see the sun or even across the street, for that matter. An emergency executive diktat from the governor shut the town down.

Stores ran low on essentials and going outside meant stinging eyes and sand gritting in your teeth.

After a week of cabin fever, I took the top off my '65 Land Cruiser, drove into the Rattlesnake, and saw my first black bear in Montana.

Thanks, Rob.


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tony s said...

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freegan said...

A Proposal for a Green Tea Party:
Putting Together a Winning 3rd
Party Coalition
What are some policies that a green tea party might agree on?
• Less big government. More local control.
• Reduce the role of government in life.
• Balance the budget.
• Rich people and corporations pay their share fair of taxes. People are outraged at
the huge profits and salaries of Wall Street and big multinationals while almost
everyone else suffers.
• Strong family values, volunteerism, contribution to society.
• Take care of the environment.
1• Stop overseas wars and reduce military bases overseas.
• Allow and assist locally-owned businesses and worker-owned cooperatives.
These are just a few ideas that appeal to me. Everyone can draw up their own wish list.
Build on policies that have a wide appeal. more at Micheal also is a Permaculture/agroforestry teacher whom I visit with at The Okanagon family Faire and have many of his medicinal plants on my permstead.