Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Resurrected Utah company to build geothermal plant in New Mexico

As red states slowly kill their residents and neighbors with fallout from flammable fossil fuels, a blue state moves forward. KUNM reported that an energy company that built a geothermal electric generator with the blessings of former earth hating Utah Governor Jon Huntsman is building a plant in New Mexico. It is slated to be operational in early 2013. The Albuquerque Journal Online tells readers:
Cyrq Energy Inc. subsidiary Lightning Dock Geothermal has signed a $65 million engineering, procurement and construction contract with Ormat Nevada Inc. to build the binary plant near Animas. Cyrq Energy emerged as a restructured company following the bankruptcy of Raser Technologies. Cyrq has one operating geothermal power plant in southern Utah in addition to geothermal interests in other states and Indonesia.

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