Saturday, November 5, 2011

Cannabis for Janklow: poll at interested party

Back atcha, Counselor....

If you have not yet read it, Troy Jones has an eloquent and touching remembrance of Bill Janklow at South Dakota War College. While Troy and ip disagree on many things, peace and the joy of life are not among them.

Douglas left a comment at The Decorum Forum suggesting that Bill Janklow consider cannabis to ease the pain of his final days. Vote now!

Using the 'm' word to describe cannabis is akin to using the 'n' word to describe persons of African descent.


caheidelberger said...

Janklow said he's not in any pain; isn't pain relief the main benefit of cannabis? Is there any purported value to cannabis in treating cancer?

If there is, I'll bet Janklow already has his stash, and the HP is under orders not to interfere.

larry kurtz said...

I sense that Mr. Janklow's pain goes far beyond the physical...and few medicines treat that kind of Hell as well as cannabis. Recall that he has been a nearly lifelong tobacco smoker.

My cousin smoked his dying mom up in a potato to ease the nausea of chemo and to stimulate her appetite. She smoked cigarettes right up to the day she died and my dad put a pack of cigarettes in her casket to accompany her on the path to her reward.

My dad had no pain at the end either due to copious morphine. I saw him smoke about three cigarettes in his whole life although Mom smoked until '72 when she contracted pneumonia.

A Google search revealed this pdf.

As to your last point, Cory, I have no doubt.

Duffer said...

Might suggest one of the couch-lock Kush's or OG's. Old Bill won't know what hit him - and with the cancer he has - isn't that what you'd want?

Just don't let him get in a car . . .

Duffer said...

Larry - I'm not slick enough to get you this link "hot"; but I bet you know how.

It's all about the Benjamins, and Barry is no different.

larry kurtz said...

Thanks for your input, Duff. Here it is.

Unfortunately, liability is at the core of medical cannabis. I laid out my argument in several comments in a thread posted at Mount Blogmore.

Duffer said...

Dude - you're the only person I've ever heard take that position.

Wot you smokin?

Benjamins man, Benjamins. Follow the money. Obama and big pharma; Jackley and his bureaucracy searching for easy-pickin self-sustenance; Jo Prang and her pharmacies.

Not that it makes any difference.

larry kurtz said...

I don't disagree with any part of your comment, Duff. Your argument in KW's thread is more than valid.

It has to be done by the book. Initiated law is blunt force trauma...mob rule in so many ways. Either the legislatures face it head-on or we clog up the courts and fill jails all the while delaying the People's will in the first place.

Montana has just trained a generation of outstanding specialists for an economy that should look just like a microbrewery or wine tasting room.

Convincing pharmacists to sell this product as anything other than an FDA approved medicine frankly will never happen.

I was lucky enough to have been within the margins of planning for a future Deadwood in the days after the Syndicate Fire. Even the immediate air space above town has changed hands a few times since then.

Seems like the perfect opportunity to be revisiting those days, especially with a geothermal source within a few million dollars of conceptualization.

Not just for cannabis, but for year 'round green spaces that could augment, even replace meager fresh produce selections. The City of Deadwood generates the richest per capita in the chemical toilet...let's run with it.

People should be able to grow their own just as you can go buy a beer kit or wine making set on Amazon.

KB is hosting a thread on anarchy. Not my gig.

Besides, he's just schooling doubters into what we Democrats already know: The rule of law beats the shit out civil war anyday.

-paraphrased from america's first ambassador to france who grew cannabis.

"Be the change you want to be."

hipneck said...

Whats the thread on anarchy?

larry kurtz said...

Go easy on them over there, younger brother. Don't forget your waders.