Thursday, May 11, 2017

Montana's special election is a referendum on Trump

Despite a measure passed by the Montana legislature in 2015 giving the governor power to appoint its At-large US House Representative during the interim between a vacancy and a special election Congress can refuse to seat that appointee according to Art. I, Sec 2 of the US Constitution. Governors can, however, appoint US Senators in the interim.

Singer/songwriter Rob Quist is the Democratic contender in Montana's 25 May special election, Mark Wicks is the Libertarian Party nominee and the earth haters chose Greg Gianforte even after he lost the governor's contest spending some $6 million of his own money.

It's not like Quist is a perfect human. He has a long debt trail resulting from an acute medical condition that left his family nearly penniless for some twenty years but he does believe it's time to make cannabis legal.

Libertarian Wicks has delivered an effective debate performance. In Montana the LP has had significant impacts in previous elections usually taking three votes from Democrats for every five votes from earth haters.

Gianforte sold his Bozeman-based company to Oracle who plans to use it to build a gun registry in red state Montana. He's a christianist with ties to a creationist museum, has sued to deny stream access to the public, discriminated against a person with multiple sclerosis, denies the anthropocene, has ties to the Russian mob and wants government to come between a woman and her gynecologist. He recently told an audience he opposes Trumpcare but was caught on tape applauding its passage by the US House.

Medical insurance has been a hot topic during Montana's 2017 legislative session and the body voted to tax therapeutic cannabis. Democratic Governor Steve Bullock vetoed an earth hater bill that would have restricted women's access to reproductive health care.

As efforts expand to impeach Donald Trump for his collusion with the Russian mob during the 2016 presidential election Democrats are pouring money into the Quist campaign hoping to fill the US House with sympathetic members. A recent Quinnipiac poll not only reveals voters are deeply dissatisfied with Trump but by a 54/38 percent margin American voters want the Democrats to retake the US House of Representatives.

According to state polls Quist trails Gianforte by single digits and is closing the gap.

Trump is a psychopath and despite Quist's foibles a vote for Gianforte enables treason.

Articles of Impeachment are already being drafted even as earth haters like South Dakota's John Thune say the appointment of an independent counsel will never happen.

Montana is the water tower for parts of two countries. She's too precious to be raped at the hands of Republicans.

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