Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Montana Republican assaults reporter; campaign circling drain

Wow, it sure is hard covering how badly Republicans fucked up today. The devastating Congressional Budget Office report on Trumpcare, Marty Jackley pissing the Hagen trial down his leg and the Montana At-large earth hater candidate body-slamming a Guardian reporter in Bozeman today are all competing for blog space. Even my own tweets are going viral.

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee is calling for the Republican to leave the race and the event is trending on twitter.

Montana's special election will give way to a 2018 election for the US House seat on Friday.

Ben Jacobs exposed Greg Gianforte's links with the Russian mob. Here's his recording of his interaction with the candidate:


larry kurtz said...

Update, 25 May, 0616 MDT: Montana is awaking to an election day where three of the state's Lee newspapers have withdrawn their endorsements of "Body-slam Gianforte." The earth hater candidate faces six months in jail and a $500 fine.

I have to laugh like Hell.

larry kurtz said...

The sheriff who arrested Gianforte had donated $250 to the Republican saying, "contribution has nothing to do w/ our investigation." Follow Whitney Bermes (@wabermes) in Bozeman or #mtpol on twitter for more.