Saturday, April 29, 2017

Jackley thugs likely faked meth use evidence to frame Second Amendment advocate

There is no question that forced catheterization is outrageous and a violation of the US Constitution's Fourth Amendment protection against unreasonable searches and seizures. Nevertheless police in South Dakota performed the procedure on a three year-old.

A Second Amendment advocate accused of threatening a Muslim turned christian was arrested after a hate-filled xenophobic race-driven public witch hunt driven by white South Dakotans.
According to a news release from the Attorney General’s office, Ehab Jaber tested positive for methamphetamine following a drug test. Jaber posted bond Tuesday in both Lincoln and Minnehaha counties. He was required to participate in drug testing through the 24/7 sobriety program. [Sioux Falls Argus Leader]
Former Butte County State's Attorney Heather Plunkett and her husband fled South Dakota after politically motivated arrests and trials. Shrouded in subterfuge she had been served a warrant and was arrested by the state Division of Criminal Investigation, no less, for under two ounces of cannabis and a couple of pipes.

Plunkett, a Republican, served as county vice-chair and elected by the central committee of Butte County GOP per the bylaws, was appointed State's Attorney in 2010 by outgoing Governor Mike Rounds. Plunkett is the daughter of Mike Messmer, a principal in Meade County Republican politics.

Overseen by DCI the South Dakota law enforcement industry has a history of evidence tampering.

Attorney General Marty Jackley owns property in Vale, not far from Newell where sovereign citizen Wendel Hiland and wife Jessica Hiland, accused of wrongdoing in a child abuse case Plunkett was investigating, live.

Republican former legislator and pastor emeritus, Steve Hickey, is calling for restraint and forgiveness for the accused Ehab Jaber. Hickey has been targeted for violence by racist, christianic earth haters like Pat Powers.

Recall that candidate Donald Trump and his sidekick Ted Nugent have not only incited violence against Muslims they urged the assassination of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton without arrest.

According to the Cato Institute far-wrong Republican Party extremist groups were responsible for 73 percent of deadly terror incidents since September 12, 2001.

Jackley has mounted an uphill race for governor and would stoop to anything, including the falsification of drug screens, to look tough on crime.

A judge ruled in a Pennsylvania case that even if drugs are found such brazen police behavior represents a chilling effect on a detainee's civil rights.

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