Sunday, August 28, 2016

Federal court rules against profiling cars from cannabis states

Cops' lives suck. Little wonder they abuse their families, alcohol, drugs, food, power, detainees and even occasionally murder their wives.

A South Dakota state trooper spent his time profiling cars with license plates from states with legal cannabis...that is until Zachary Bader was nearly killed for violating a Washington man's civil rights.
A federal appeals court says law enforcement officials in Kansas cannot stop and search motorists for having nothing more than out-of-state license plates from states that have legalized marijuana. The 10th Circuit Court of Appeals on Tuesday says the officer’s reasoning would justify the search of citizens from more than half of the states in the country. It found the officers violated Peter Vasquez’s Fourth Amendment rights in searching his car. [Associated Press]
After defending himself against Trooper Bader Donald Willingham wants his assault case moved from Pennington County because pre-trial publicity in the chemical toilet prevents a fair hearing. There isn't a single media outlet in South Dakota that isn't in the tank for the Republican Party. Willingham's co-defendants could be freed after the Appeals Court decision on unlawful search and seizure.

Recall that in 2012 short guy power hungry Bader accosted a Montana family instead of policing Sturgis Rally traffic. In 2004 Montana voters legalized cannabis for some patients.

South Dakota vilifies teachers especially those who won't carry firearms into classrooms but hides the records of psychotic behavior presented by bad actors like Trooper Bader from public view.

Cannabis activists are opposing California‘s legalization measure because they fear Big Dope will dominate the industry.

In a related story Spearditch has been named Best Hippie Town in South Dakota.

With no thanks to lobbyists for the pharmaceutical, alcohol and law enforcement industries South Dakota has the most tyrannical and dangerous cannabis laws in the US.

"Permanent ban" my pink glutei: being a pariah is hard but holy fucking jesus the rewards are so transcendentally satisfying!

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