Monday, August 17, 2015

Today's intersection: John Oliver and the Roman Catholic Diocese of Great Falls-Billings

Sometimes, the blog just writes itself. These stories paired in my twitter feed like two lovers kissing.
On Thursday, documents obtained by The Billings Gazette revealed the Diocese, which covers the eastern part of the state, including Billings, has agreed to shell out $11 million to settle claims that the church had exploited the poverty status of the poor tribal school in order to benefit from fundraising. Unfortunately, what looks like hush money only continues to fuel the notion that the church is only out to protect its image. At any cost. Or, at least at the cost of $11 million. [Gazette opinion: Nothing is right about the St. Labre settlement]
The Helena Chapter of the Church of the Holy Roman Kiddie Diddlers is also a known criminal enterprise as is a Minnesota branch.

Dakota Free Press followed up on a piece in The Dakota Progressive scoring a hat trick reporting on the crimes of religionists.

St. Joseph's Indian School in South Dakota fleeces $50 million a year from unwitting donors selling Chinese-made goods that appropriate Native culture all with the approval of a rubber-stamp red state legislature.

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