Friday, February 6, 2015

Obama calls out Christianity for atrocities

Speaking at the National Prayer Breakfast President Barack Obama counseled Americans to remember that Christians have been equally guilty of genocidal atrocities.
What is now known as "spectacular lynching" involved the ceremonial torture, murder--and yes, burning alive--of black Americans by whites. Like ISIS's use of digital media to circulate images of the torturous death of Muadh al Kasasbeh by fire, the spectacular lynchings of the black body were shared via postcards and other media. Will White America ever be willing to fully own its historic ISIS-like behavior against African-Americans and other people of color, and how such violence created the present, where neighborhoods are hyper-segregated, there exists a huge wage and income gap along the color line, and by almost every measure, black and brown Americans have significantly diminished life chances relative to white people? [Chauncey DeVega]
There have even been reports that the Islamic State is recruiting in Indian Country.

As tribal nations unite to condemn racism and call for boycotts in Rapid City some believe as many as 300 million indigenous have been slaughtered since the European colonization of the New World began.
“It was wonderful for the kids until the third [period],” said trip chaperone and school board member Justin Poor Bear. That was when two non-Native attendees seated in the VIP section above the students reportedly hurled racial epithets, beer and a Frisbee at the youths. According to local Native American leaders, the cases represent an uptick in hate crimes against the Native community in Rapid City, which borders Lakota territory. The situation has gotten so bad that Poor Bear told Al Jazeera he’s “afraid personally to come” to the city. [Al Jazeera]
Pope Frank is taking some heat for the canonization of a church leader who participated in genocide.

The Diocese of Helena, Montana is facing a bankruptcy court after decades of clergy sex abuse of American Indians.

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